Dear Quintilius, 

How do you think the world will end? Buddy bet $20 on nukes, I think meteorite.

Sincerely, 2012 Survivor


Dear Captain Obvious,

You humans and your mortality, you always manage to amuse me with your trivial questions. Acting like life will ever end is never the proper way to look at the cycle of the world. First of all because as an immortal time traveling Demi-god I don’t have to worry about death and secondly because I have seen the world at the time of both its “creation” and “destruction,” and neither were exactly overly exciting nor substantial events. There is no end, all lines are continuous, all possibilities exist, they have happened, will happen and are happening around us everyday.

The world carries itself in a cyclical path. The only things that will possibly destroy the world include a black hole or the explosion/dying of our Sol, but he’s a pretty solid guy so we got quite a few hundred millennia till that point. Otherwise the world will burn itself down (nukes) or drown itself (global warming) or suffocate itself (meteorite), in order to clear out the old and get on with the new. Really the way it goes doesn't matter. You hairless apes weren’t the first and you won’t be the last. You’re just a rebound, the world just isn’t that into you, it’s time to accept that and move on.

Yep, humans wont last, but you know what will? The eternal glory of Roma. It is not a place but an idea, it is an energy. It will not die like humans nor wither like flowers, instead it’s energy shall live in the animate and inanimate world for eternity. Therefore it cannot end, but shall be reborn through disaster time and time again.