I Love You Queerly

Valentine’s Day. The perfect evening to spend alone. Or not! Looking for a less lonely way to spend the day, whether single or ready to awkwardly make small talk and mingle? Brandon Pride has an event going on that’s worth considering. “I Love You Queerly” is being hosted by Brandon Pride and Lady of the Lake Shop Café and Pub. The event will be taking place down at, you guessed it, Lady of the Lake. It’s a licensed event starting at 6:00p.m. and goes till 9:00p.m., it’s all ages and an accessible space with Gender Neutral washrooms on site!Overall sounds like a pretty classy way to spend Valentine’s Day, though if you’d rather plot out what store’s clearance chocolate you’re going to grab first that’s valid too. 

It’s a free to attend event, though if you’re worried about seating calling ahead and making a reservation with Lady of the Lake is an option. Along with being free to attend there will be free nachos provided by Pride, with board and card games for entertainment. Lady of the Lake is located down across the 18th street bridge at 135 13th Street North and their café phone number is: 204-726-8785.

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