Chalk Protests Pop Up Around Campus

Early last week it was discovered that the Students For Life club had chalked pro-life statements around campus. The statements were tied to this club by a Twitter handle @bustudents4life which was included in the chalkings. This action coincides with… [continue reading]

An Open Letter to the Brandon University Students for Life

Recently, your Pro-Life Club has been handing out flyers and writing on sidewalks citing intentionally inaccurate statistics regarding abortions undergone in Canada. The Women’s Collective has found these demonstrations both disturbing and dangerous, as they are propagating misinformation and distorted… [continue reading]

Top 4 Horror Podcasts

I am a huge proponent of podcasts. They’re great to listen to while crafting, walking, or even studying. I’m also someone with a low tolerance for horror – an overactive imagination does not do well come bedtime after several hours… [continue reading]

University of Manitoba Hosts Student Journalism Conference

On October 15th there was a student journalist conference held at the University of Manitoba. The Manitoba Student Journalism Conference was organized by the Manitoban, the U of M’s student newspaper. This was the first time this particular event has… [continue reading]

BUSU Meeting, October 17th

As usual the BUSU Council has been hard at work fighting for student’s rights. Information that was brought up in the most recent BUSU meeting includes that as of October 17th the Blackout Period for the Health and Dental plan… [continue reading]

Scare Away Cancer, An Escape Room, Or A Haunted Forest

As University students we are a little old to be going trick or treating. Trust me, I am as disappointed as you are. Thankfully, there are other options. Once again Grim Acres will be hosting its Scare Away Cancer fundraiser…. [continue reading]

Apocalypse Survival 101

Alright, so let’s start off with the hypothetical scenario in which the world has come to an ‘end’ whatever that may mean. Nuclear Winter, Zombies (a favorite of mine), whatever, doesn’t matter. The world has ceased to function as it… [continue reading]

Interview With A Werewolf

In the spirit of the season, The Quill decided to sit down with the famed Bigbee Wolfe who has been known to frequent BU. The Quill: Alright. So what can you tell us about yourself? Bigbee Wolfe: Well, there isn’t… [continue reading]

Black Cats: Mythic Wonder or Bad Luck

Black cats are said to be great special cats in the world, but some are miss treated and hurt, especially around Halloween. There is an old myth that black cats bring people bad luck. Aimee Beltran stated in an article… [continue reading]

BUSU Wants Indigenous Requirement

Every student, regardless of their faculty, has to complete a set of requirements outlined in the Course Calendar. These are the Liberal Education Requirements and most students dislike the requirements at the best of times. This isn’t to say that… [continue reading]