Assumptions: Fast and Furious 10 (Spoiler Alert…We Think?)

You’ll be at the edge of your seat as Fast and Furious 10 puts the throttle to the max! You’ve seen the others: FF8 saw the death of villainous Columbian racing legend Diego Dee in an adrenaline-pumping car chase and… [continue reading]

Diversions: Book Review: The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker

The first thing that drew me to Barker’s debut novel was the title. I’ll admit, I was a touch conceited and my thought process was similar to “Thinking woman’s guide? I’m a thinking woman… and I like magic… so clearly… [continue reading]

Game Review: Fallout Shelter

Genre: Simulation Developers: Bethesda, Behaviour Interactive Platforms: iOS, Android Rating: 3.5 / 5 The Sims meets XCOM base construction! Released for iOS in June and Android in August, Fallout Shelter allows players to enjoy the world of the popular post-nuclear… [continue reading]

Global View: A Brazilian Competitive Contrast

Oi galera! I would like to start this article by introducing myself. My name is Carolina, I’m Brazilian, and I have come to Canada to study English. In the next few weeks, I will talk about my experiences in Canada,… [continue reading]

Ask Quentin

          Dear Quentin, I missed last week’s Crash the Courtyard and now I am worried that I will be a social pariah. Do I have any hope for a regular social life? “Socially Stuck” Dear Stuck,… [continue reading]

Club Highlights: BUGA

September of 2012, a young man decided to start a club. That club was BUGA (Brandon University Gaming Association). Currently, BUGA is the most successful club on campus with their Facebook page having 180 plus followers, approximately fifty newsletter sign-ups… [continue reading]

Our Men’s Soccer Team

The soccer season is underway and our men and women are proudly representing BU on the soccer pitch. The teams will find themselves playing across Southern Manitoba as they work towards success in the MCAC league. The men’s team is… [continue reading]

Bobcat’s Action: Soccer

The men and women’s soccer teams played last weekend on the 19-20th, in away games where they faced ACC and Providence. The opponents of Brandon played well but it would not be enough for them as the Bobcats won 3… [continue reading]

Cougars are on the Move

The ACC Cougars will soon have a lot of games, tournaments, and exhibitions. So here is what you can expect: We’ll start with women’s Volleyball since they have a tournament coming up and the first game will be next Saturday,… [continue reading]

Women’s Collective Needs ReCollecting

A little better than sixty percent of our student body is female and for the past, well, forever there has been a Women’s Collective on the second floor of the Knowles Douglas Building. The service that lends aide and support… [continue reading]