Is The Quill having sex?

Over the summer, one man posted a spreadsheet on Reddit that contained the “excuses” his wife used in order to avoid having sex with him, and it went viral. Some thought it hilarious, while others were less impressed, prompting a… [continue reading]

Odd Job Squad BBQ

“Hotdog and a drink, two dollars!” is what you would hear the Odd Job Squad calling outside Sobeys South on Saturday July 19th. They sold a whopping 85 hotdog and drink combos, with all proceeds going toward supporting the job… [continue reading]

JCCF and students win an appeal

At the University of Calgary an anti-abortion display is being contested on both sides by students, the JCCF and the administration. The students from an anti-abortion group are fighting charges and are appealing to a higher court over their rights… [continue reading]

New Dean of Arts at BU

Brandon University will gain a new Dean of Arts in January 2015: writer, educator, and soccer enthusiast Dr. Demetres Tryphonopoulos. Currently Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), Tryphonopoulos is Professor of English there as… [continue reading]

9 Things You Need to Survive the Flood

Water, water everywhere… It’s spring again in Southwestern Manitoba as wave after wave (pun intended?) of rainstorms plunder and drench the prairies, and all who are unfortunate enough to call this land home. Oh, it will likely also flood your… [continue reading]

Pride in the park

June 14th kicked off the infamous Pride in the Park, where members of the LGBTTQ community can come out publicly to celebrate who they are and be proud of it. It was held in Princess Park and many sponsoring organizations… [continue reading]

Brandon Pride Flag Raised at City Hall

June 12th kicked off Brandon’s Pride weekend, and what better way to do it then to raise the Pride flag at City Hall? The flag raising was held at 11 AM to begin the 5th annual Pride Weekend. Courtney’s Cupcakes… [continue reading]

Thompson talks

Ray Thompson is known by some to be an MMA Sports Commentator, who has worked alongside veterans of the MMA business.  But even though he’s accomplished his dreams and has made it to the big time, he still remembers where… [continue reading]

Interview with ‘Tabby Tucker’

Trenton Silver, also known as Tubby Tucker, is known to some as “the whitest native you will ever meet”.  The Quill got an opportunity to interview Tubby Tucker and here is what transpired. TQ: When did you decide that you… [continue reading]

Interview with ‘Tragedy’

Ryan Forrest, also known as Tragedy, is a freestyle artist that with the help of a few people writes, records and mix master’s his own material. The Quill managed to get an interview with Tragedy, and here is what transpired…. [continue reading]