Student Wins Provincial Award

On February 9th, 2015, it was announced that Brandon University’s Rhoni Mohanraj received the honour of winning the title of Student Entrepreneur Provincial Champion from Enactus Canada. Mohanraj won the title due to his ability to balance his full course… [continue reading]

BUSU: AGM, Puppies and More!

On Sunday, February 8th BUSU met for a regular council meeting. Items that were discussed include the upcoming AGM on March 4th in SUDS, updating the U-Pass agreement, and the planning of multi-cultural week. First off, in case anyone didn’t… [continue reading]

Study Aids for Your Study Needs… or Not

Writing Equipment The Seven Year Pen This Swiss made pen has an extra-large ink cartridge, and if used sparingly to write 1.7 meters a day, it will last you seven years. Typically one of these pens will last me a… [continue reading]

Water Damage in the Evans Theater

On Monday, February 9th students and staff were shocked when alarms went off in the Library and McKenzie Building. What triggered the surprise was a major leak and flooding. The projection booth of the Evans Theatre and adjacent ceiling had… [continue reading]

Our Very Own Archives

Tucked out of the way on the second floor of the library, just down the north stacks and up a mysterious stairwell, lies a quiet piece of the University. The S.J. Mckee Archives. Named after one of the founders of… [continue reading]

Cougars Winding Down Season

The Cougar’s season is about to come to a close for the year, but for the time being let’s just keep up with what they are doing. They started last weekend with some volleyball. Their first game they went up… [continue reading]

No Scheduled Classes Means No Scheduled Classes

No scheduled classes in the academic calendar has no clear definition of meaning, especially when considering reading week. There are various departments that use this time for trips and conferences that count for marks towards final grades. There are a… [continue reading]

Bio Dept. Comes Together After Unexpected Retirement

At the end of January, Dr. Patrick Jackson of the Biology department was diagnosed with advanced cancer. Due to the severity of his illness, Jackson moved his announced retirement from August to be effective immediately. He is now receiving the… [continue reading]

Bobcat’s Road to the Championship

The Brandon University Bobcats have had a great year in terms of volleyball. The men and women each had their time to shine as their long season came to a close. Pre-season started them strong, the regular season helped them… [continue reading]

Upcoming Events

February 25th: Ron James’s “Pedal to the Metal” tour will be at the WMCA, the show starts at 8:00 PM, tickets are $52, for more info go to wmca.ca February 26th – March 1st: BU Theatre presents the comedy “The… [continue reading]