I Want That Stuff: What to Know

The pinnacle of Brandon’s gaming and pop culture scene, I Want That Stuff has grown from a small shop downtown to a huge store that includes a new, upgraded sales floor. It is also Brandon’s only remaining arcade with some… [continue reading]

Dating in Brandon

Dating is always an interesting experience no matter where you are from. Being in a city the size of Brandon opens up more opportunities for everyone. There are so many places to meet people. You could meet someone at the… [continue reading]

The Noble Art of Sabrage

A sabre is a type of sword, what does this have to do with Champagne? It is quite possibly the coolest way to open any bottle ever. First, we need the champagne. Real champagne comes from grapes grown in the… [continue reading]

Ask Quentin

Dear Quentin, I have been at this University for several years and can’t seem to find the secret brothel. Where art thou? Sovoy Dukeson   Dear Sovoy, There is no brothel, there never was a brothel, and of course we… [continue reading]

When Chocolate Met Strawberry

It would not be Valentine’s Day without strawberries and chocolate. You have a few options here, you could dip them in chocolate as a whole, use a fondue set or if you want to get really fancy, go for the… [continue reading]

Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week

The Brandon University Student Union, together with the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies and several community groups, are hosting a plethora of activities related to sexual health and consent from February 8th to 12th as part of Sexual and… [continue reading]

Upcoming Events

What’s going on in Brandon? February 9th: Eric Platz’s CD release for Life after Life is taking place at Lady of the Lake (135 17th St. N) at 8:00 PM. Platz will be accompanied by James Falzone (clarinet), Leanne Zacharias… [continue reading]

BUSU Service Highlight: Copy, Print, Scanning & Fax

Your prof has put your lecture slides on Moodle and your printer failed at home… or maybe you don’t have a printer at home. You don’t have time to fiddle with the machines in the library to put money on… [continue reading]

Your Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts

Although Valentine’s Day is judged for being a commercial day, all four of the interviewees agreed it is important to feel special. You can call us out for having raised expectations, but feeling loved is good for the soul. Meet… [continue reading]

Global View: Four Stages of Culture Shock

The minute you land in a new country to study abroad, you’re busy taking in the newness around you. You’re smiling at the fervent pedestrian on every corner. You’re fascinated by the sudden openness of the people around you. Or… [continue reading]