Former Health Studies Profs Set Up Scholarship

Last week, the Faculty of Health Studies saw two professors, Dr. Kathryn Hyndman and Dr. Fran Racher, retire. Both Hyndman and Racher were members of the Brandon General Hospital School of Nursing graduating class of 1972, and when the Faculty… [continue reading]

Graduate Studies Scholarships

Graduate students of Brandon University rejoice! A number of opportunities for scholarships and internships have arisen within the past week. While the majority are for graduate students, there is also one scholarship intended for undergraduate students – the information for… [continue reading]

Impressive Results from ACC’s Finest

Congratulations goes out to the nursing grads at Assiniboine Community College as every single one of them passed the Canadian Practical Nursing Registration Exam. 81 graduates wrote the test from campuses in Brandon and Winnipeg, to Pine Falls. Karen Hargreaves,… [continue reading]

Menstruation Miscommunication Mishap

Quick question for the ladies in the audience: have you ever been in a situation where you needed a pad/tampon and could not get one? Such could have been the case for any one of the women on campus over… [continue reading]

Canadian University Press: National Journalism Conference

I was fortunate enough to be selected to go to the Canadian University Press (CUP) NASH Conference from January 4th to 8th. I missed the first few days of classes, but ultimately, the experience I got was well worth having… [continue reading]

School of Music Performance Schedule

Everyone likes to take some time to listen to music, the only thing that varies is the type of music that you listen to. Why not branch out your tastes a bit and check out one of the performances put… [continue reading]

Podcast Review: Sword and Scale

Another week, another podcast review. The success of true crime television has now expanded to the podcast world. If you wander over and check iTunes top charts at least five of the top ten podcasts fall into the category of… [continue reading]

Q-Mail: Dating Advice

Dear Glow Cloud, In your opinion, which of the Hogwarts founders in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books would give the best dating advice? Sincerely, Fantasy Love   Dear Fantasy, I don’t have a personal opinion in this matter, but here’s… [continue reading]

Alumni Sports Spotlight

Gladwyn Scott had a massive impact on sports across Manitoba, not only being a multi-talented player of various sports but also a great coach and leader. Scott was raised on a small farm in McConnell, Manitoba, and it was there… [continue reading]

Bobcats at Home: New Year, Tough Results

Volleyball took place this weekend in Brandon where the Bobcats played their 11th and 12th exhibition games of the season. This is the teams first games of the new year, but while the women had a month long break the… [continue reading]