Emmanuel Madu

Emmanuel madu

Emmanuel Madu is a third-year computer science student from Nigeria, Africa. During his time back home (Lagos, Nigeria) he volunteered at Red Cross which was not only an excellent opportunity to interact with friends and meet new community members, but also deal with medical first aid. Emmanuel is not only kind at heart but also cares for his family, friends, and colleagues. Later in 2016, Emmanuel moved to Brandon, MB to further his education here at Brandon University. Brandon is a great town explains Emmanuel as it is peaceful, quiet and a kind community. While being here, he has opened his mind to new possibilities and career options. In the future, Emmanuel would like to own his own company producing video games, social media apps, and other types of media for the daily consumer. In Emmanuel’s free time he enjoys soccer, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. This is Emmanuel’s second year participating in the Quill and is currently the web coordinator. As a web coordinator Emmanuel oversees the website graphic design, and postings online.

Robert Lee Killam III

Robert lee killam iii

I was born in 1996 in Dauphin Manitoba and raised in Ste Rose du Lac where I spent most of my life. Located 2 hours north of Brandon and 3 hours northeast of Winnipeg I can always say that it was exciting to travel to either one of the cities as a child. As I grew older though I came to detest the large amount of people in Winnipeg and for my education sake decided to go to Brandon as the location where I would study for post-secondary. High school did prepare me somewhat for this type of life but as with small town changes, there was a lot more to do in Brandon than there had ever been to do in Ste Rose. It was quite the culture shock originally but as I got to know people and become familiar with a few organizations I really found my own element here in the city.

I am proud to say I have lived in Brandon for about 5 years now and will soon be completing my Bachelor of Education After Degree program this year! I started at The Quill as a basic reporter around that time and came to love the work and really explore my love for writing. Over the years I got better at certain aspects of it (even though once in a while I still mess up on my the/re/ir/y’re and other grammar rules) and eventually developed a desire to be a leader. I had no intention of originally running The Quill as the Editor-in-Chief but this life is funny and takes some crazy turns along the journey. I can’t wait to see where life will take me next! 

Interests: Storytelling and education. I also love games and puzzles!

Studies: B.A. Major in History, Minor’s in Mathematics and Native Studies. I am currently working on my Bachelor of Education.

Why I write: I have always loved story telling in one way or another. Books movies video games, all those mediums are amazing and fantastic to interact with but there was always a piece of me that wanted more than that. I wanted to create my own stories or be able to help other people tell their stories. I am not always the most convincing or entertaining of writers but I do love what I do and love getting the chance to practice it so often.

Future Intentions: I would love to be a history teacher in southern Manitoba! If I could maintain several jobs and duties within the community while I got to teach history that would be perfect! (Also I would like to make money and not be poor. That is also an intention.)

Lisa Mizan

Lisa mizan

Lisa Mizan is a writer, organizer, and visual artist focusing on issues affecting survivors of sexual and domestic violence, mental health, and the evolving landscape of what it means to be Diaspora. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Arts in History, Political Science, and French and hopes to pursue Law in her after studies. She has spoken at Take Back the Night, is a receiver of the Women of Distinction Award and was one of the campaigners of the #WeBelieveSurvivors movement. Other than news and columns, she has also had her poetry and academic work published and has exhibited her artwork in Winnipeg, Calgary, and Brandon. 

     Before making Canada her home, Mizan was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates and also shares her multi-ethnic roots in Bangladesh and Pakistan. She is a polyglot, an avid fan of the work of Woolf, Angelou and Dr. Dawkins, and is a sucker for tear jerking movies. When she isn’t writing, working at the potter’s wheel or beading earrings, she can be found traveling, listening to local music or enjoying a glass of Pinot somewhere on a hammock. Her biggest personal ambitions is to run a bakery in a French speaking city and live in an apartment directly over it so she could wake up to the smell of fresh khubz everyday. 

     Her current projects include researching the impact of the provincial government revoking access to universal health care from international students and documenting the tragedies of the digital age through satire. She believes in combining her skills of the creative arts and journalism to produce compelling content for a world that has becoming increasingly reliant on minute information and false news.