The Cougars had a busy weekend as their teams played at home and away. In volleyball the men and women played against the Providence University Pilots, and in Futsal the men and women were on the road in Winnipeg for two separate matches.

In volleyball the Cougars could not keep up with Pilots. Both men and women took three straight losses Friday night. Saturday night did not tell a different story for either of the Cougars teams. The men would lose 20-25, 18-25 and 11-25 while the women would lose 22-25, 19-25 and 22-25. The Cougars volleyball teams play next weekend against the CMU Blazers.

Futsal did not go any better for the Cougars. The first matches were played against St. Boniface and the second matches were played against Red River. In the men’s first game they found themselves down by 6 points at the halfway point and by the end of the match lost 19-5. Their second game ended with Red River winning 5-2. The women’s games also resulted in losses ended 2-8 against St. Boniface and 0-9 against Red River. The Futsal teams will be taking on the Bobcats at the HLC on the 26th.

Bobcats Volleyball

The volleyball teams took to the court this past weekend here at the HLC as they faced off with the UBC Okanagan Heat. Both men and women would play the game well but it was only the men who walked away unscathed while the women would add another two losses to their record.

The women were swept away their first night by the Heat. The Bobcats would lose 20-25, 20-25 and 15-25. Not being able to keep up with the Heat’s offense the Bobcats fell as another victim to the UBC-Okanagan. The Heat are the #3 ranked team and it showed the first night as they defeated the Bobcats.

Saturday the women fell once again to the Heat, but were able to win the first set! Starting off strong they won their first battle 25-21, and after that falling behind a little bit more after each set. Losing 23-25, 20-25 and 13-25. Top players for the weekend were Nikala Majewski with 26 kills, Danielle Larocque with 8 blocks and Caitlin Le with 28 digs.

The men’s Friday night was super successful for them as they put down all competition winning 3-0. The men had some close sets but by the third had dominated 25-10.

Saturday night the game was once again swept away by the Bobcats. The men faced tough competition but were able to again take the victories, winning 25-22, 25-23 and 25-17. Top players of the weekend were Elliot Viles with 21 kills, Mason Metcalf with 7 blocks and Reece Dixon with 19 digs.

The Bobcat women’s record goes to 7-9 and the men’s record goes to 12-4. To check out any of the Bobcats stats please go to the Bobcats official website at The Bobcats next games will take place in Vancouver against the UBC Thunderbirds. Best of luck athletes!

Bobcats Soccer

The Bobcat soccer teams are back out and active! However its not out in the fields that the men and women are playing but in the warmth of the gym! That’s right, the Futsal season has started at BU and the Bobcats received a little taste of everything this weekend with a win, a tie and two losses.

The women’s team took a tie on Saturday in their first game. They played against Red River and each scored 2 points. Their second game was also on Saturday, but this time against St. Boniface. Here the Bobcats took a loss 2-4.

The men’s team also played two games this weekend. Their battle against Red River went rather well for the men as they won 7-4. The next game against St. Boniface would result in a loss for men, losing 4-6.

These are the first games the Bobcats have played since the playoffs in October. The Bobcats next games take place on the 26th at the HLC against the ACC Cougars. The women’s record will start off as 0-1-1 while the men will have a 1-1. Best of luck in your next games!

Bobcats Basketball

This past weekend out in Saskatchewan, the Bobcats were locked in battle with the Cougars of the University of Regina. The men would get a mixed bag of a win and loss, and the women would get a thrashing the first night and another pair of losses.

The women’s Friday night resulted in one of the biggest travesties this reporter has ever seen with regards to the score. The women of BU were outscored 51-118. Each quarter was dominated by the Cougars, the Bobcats were not even able to break more than 20 points a quarter. Where they really fell behind was in the first quarter when BU was down by 29 points.

Saturday the women once again fell behind in the first quarter although this time it was a far closer lead from the Cougars. The women would fall away little by little but still clinging to the heels of Regina. This game would end with the final score of 73-92. Top players for the weekend were Lauren Anderson who had 22 points and Keisha Cox at 24 points.

The men’s Friday night was an intense match where the Bobcats fought tooth and nail for every point. Each quarter was high scoring with the final quarter having almost 60 points scored by each team. With the edge going to the Bobcats, winning the game 106-97.

Saturday night the game was closely matched throughout each quarter. There was some give and take on each side but BU would end up losing 75-83. Top players of the weekend were Jonathan Range with 32 points and Tyvon Cooper with 38 points.

The Bobcat women’s record goes to 2-14 and the men’s record goes to 8-8. To check out any of the Bobcats stats please go to the Bobcats official website at Basketball will take place here next weekend where the Bobcats will face off with the U of S Huskies! Best of luck in your next games!

HLC Intramurals

Each semester, students have access to the Healthy Living Center built into their  tuition fees. As a result, the use of the gym and other activities are included. Among these activities are intramurals. 

During the winter term, there are two in which students can take part in if they wish. The first one listed is the Co-Ed Adult basketball. This takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30PM until 10:30PM. The second on the list is the Co-Ed Adult Volleyball, which takes place on Mondays at 7:00PM. More may be put on the list as they become available, for now these two are the only ones listed. Registration can be done online at or in person at the Healthy Living Center.

Intramurals are an excellent opportunity to highlight friendships, sportsmanship, and talent. The university is a place where students are nurtured toward becoming responsible and productive members of society. Post-secondary education provides a means of molding students into capable employees or professionals in their chosen fields, and Intramurals give the students a chance to have fun between classes and exams.

Bobcats Volleyball Ready for New Year

The various Bobcat teams have been off for the winter break but the volleyball men’s team played in the Wesmen Classic tournament the weekend of the 28th to 30th. The games were held out in Winnipeg and the men played against the University of Regina Cougars, the Ryerson University Rams, and the Universite Laval Rouge et Or in the round robin. On the 30th the men started to play in the playoffs part of the tournament.

The Bobcats’ first game against Regina was hard fought and won 3-0. They took victories 25-13, 25-18, 25-22, leaving the Cougars behind in the ranking as the Bobcats moved up on their way to the semi-playoffs. The second game was against Ryerson as they took another clean sweep 25-18, 25-23, and 25-16. Ryerson moves off to the B-side semi-finals. The third game that the Bobcats played against Laval winning the first set 25-23 but losing the next 3 sets 24-26, 21-25, 21-25. Laval would move onto play the University of Manitoba in the semi-finals.

The Bobcats will be playing U of W Wesmen in the other semi-final game. The game was played on the 30th and the finals of the A side and B side followed. The volleyball teams next games are on the 12th and 13th out in Calgary Alberta. Both the Bobcats and Dino’s are tied up for the fourth position rank each with nine wins and three losses. 

To check out any of the Bobcats stats please go to the Bobcats official website at Enjoy your break from school athletes!

Basketball Alumni Night PSA

Welcome back sport fans to another exciting semester of Bobcat games. Along with the games coming up there are some special events, including Alumni nights! These Alumni nights occur every so often on behalf the Alumni Chapter’s of Brandon University.

The next Alumni night is happening January 12th for the Bobcats basketball team’s return to the court. The BU Bobcats will be defending their den against the University of Northern British Columbia Timberwolves. Alumni are welcome to come and catch up with their old colleagues at the game and enjoy the HLC’s exclusive lounge.

Available for members are some free pizza, refreshments, and door prizes. Get all of these cool things while watching the men’s and women’s basketball games! The women’s game takes place at 6:00PM and the men’s game starts at 8:00PM. To reserve tickets for the game go to the Brandon University website and check out the events calendar. As always, students get in for free by presenting their valid student ID cards. Go Bobcats!

Bobcats Volleyball and Basketball

Bobcats Volleyball and Basketball

Both the Brandon University Bobcats volleyball and basketball teams played this past weekend. The basketball teams were here at home, while the volleyball teams were hosted by Regina.

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ACC Cougars' Hockey Season Off to a Great Start

ACC Cougars' Hockey Season Off to a Great Start

On November 4th and 5th the Assiniboine Community College Cougars women’s hockey team played their first home games of the season against the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Blugolds.

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