Bobcats VolleyBall: The Road Forward

Your Brandon Bobcats are on a bit of a hot streak as they crush the Calgary Dino’s chance in the playoffs! The Volleyball team won both sets of games, defeating their prey with a clean sweep 3-0 on Thursday and finishing their rivals on Friday 3-1. This was no walk in the park however and every point was fought over with desperation and deliberate planning, both teams offering different moments against one another.

The Bobcats are ranked No. 1 in the league and the Dino’s were ranked No. 8. This latest set of victories however will lead the Bobcats on towards the semi-finals. It has been a long road for the Bobcats but it  has certainly been another successful year. This regular season the men won 20 out of their 22 games. Last year the men played 24 regular season games and lost 7 of them.

This past set will hopefully propel the men going forward in the Canada West playoffs. Although this latest battle wasn't a cake walk the Dino’s were not able to push the series to a third round of games on the Saturday. The Brandon offence was just too good for the Dino’s defence as all three of the Bobcats starting outside attackers scored in the double figures. Seth Friesen scored 17 kills, robin Baghdady had 13 and Elliot Viles had 10. Reece Dixon had 47 assists and libero Brady Nault finished with 13 digs.

The mens next games will be played in Brandon as they take on the Mount Royal Cougars. These two teams have played each other before in the past and it has not turned out the best for Brandon, as those games resulted in the Bobcats only 2 losses during the season. The game will be taking place at the HLC on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. and with the second game on Friday. Dependant on the results of those matches the teams may have to play again Saturday if necessary. Best of luck in your games Bobcats, way to go!

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