The Quill is Brandon University’s student newspaper, based in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. First published in 1910, we are the second oldest student newspaper in western Canada. Originally published three times a year, The Quill has slowly evolved into a weekly publication.

Today, The Quill continues to carry the tradition of over 100 years in print. Many Quill alumni have gone on to have long, distinguished careers in the media, including Trent Frayne, and Dan Bjarnson.

We are currently located in the heart of the Brandon University campus, on the second floor of the Knowles-Douglas Student building. The Quill offers a unique product to both the university, and the broader population of Brandon, featuring community news, sports, and entertainment.

An autonomous corporate entity since 2005, The Quill is a student run publication – the articles, editing, layout and distribution are all done by students. In 2006 was launched, providing a new medium for students to access their campus newspaper.

Look for a new issue on stands every Tuesday morning!