The Quill Inc. is a non-profit corporation, which operates for the benefit of the students of Brandon University. It is governed by the Board of Directors, who are elected by students. All students who pay their Quill fee at the start of the regular session (September to April) are members of The Quill.


Next board meeting: September 27, 2015.

Past Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2015

The Quill Board of Directors 2015-2016

Chair of the Board: Chris Hunt –

Vice Chair of the Board: N/A

Director-at-Large: James Barscello

Director-at-Large: Joel Springer

Editor-in-Chief (ex-officio): Alex Murray

General Manager (ex-officio): Elinor Murray (Board Secretary-Treasurer)

Standing Committees

Personnel Committee

In charge of all issues relating to the personnel of the Corporation, including hiring, firing, complaints, grievances, and disciplinary actions.

Chris Hunt (Chair)

Elinor Murray