PSA: Haunted Park After Dark

It’s never too early to get into the Halloween season, and what’s better than a haunted house? A haunted forest! You’re in for a tree-t this Halloween season as Spruce Woods National Park is hosting Haunted Park After Dark at the Spruce Woods Park Centre! In addition to your tree-ditional Halloween activities (be they trick-or-treating or watching the various horror movies and then immediately regretting it as every noise becomes a monster), consider joining the Park Interpreters this October 7th, 8:00PM to 9:00PM! They’ll be there to guide you on a night hike in order to solve the mysterious murder of Howard the Hognose.

Or if solving a mys-tree isn’t really your cup of tree, there’s still plenty of free interpretive activities for you to take part in! Take advantage of the lack of city lights! Star gazing would be no constellation prize as it provides you with a relaxing alternative to the horror-filled aspects of the season. If you’d like to continue ignoring the screeches of vampires and howling of werewolves, there’s also the option of making crafts and even sitting around the campfire- neither scary, depending on who’s telling stories around the fire and how well. Tell your own if you feel a spark of inspiration.!

The list of activities continue as a showing of Going Batty ( I appreciate the pun) will be playing, along with a tour of the haunted museum. With these wicked options it’ll certainly be a bat-tle over which activities to choose.

In addition, a canteen will be open thanks to Friends of Spruce Woods, and before you think about leaving for the night and hitting the hay, go catch a hayride, which will be going on for $6 for adults and $3 for kids by Spirit Sands Wagon Outfitters.

Get dressed in your best costume and come join the fun festivities, it would be a grave mistake to miss it!