Applying For Online Scholarships On BU Website

In case students haven’t had the chance to check their school email in the last few days here’s an important update for you; scholarships, awards, and bursary applications are now open to students via the student information portal. 

The student information portal can be found on Brandon University’s website homepage, simply scroll down a bit and under the heading “Student Resources” click the subheading “Student Information” which will then load a login screen. Enter your username- not your entire email- along with your password. Once logged in go over to the “Apply for Scholarships & Bursaries” tab, then select “Add Award”. There will be an option that simply says “Apply” once you click that select the “Apply Now” option to narrow the result to awards and scholarships that the student has to apply for themselves. There are some awards listed that won’t have this option, the reason being that the recipients of these funds are determined by the various departments. 

There’s a filter available to sort out different aspects of the awards and scholarships to be more so catered towards your specific eligibility, just be sure to read all the information listed next to any scholarships to find out the criteria. Some scholarships are reserved for a department while others are based on other requirements such as financial need and there are one’s that will require supporting documents. 

Click on the “Apply Now” button once a scholarship or award has been selected, the screen will then go back to the scholarships and awards homepage but additional scholarships and awards can be selected and applied for. Only a single copy of any supporting documents is required. Remember to submit all of the required documents on time, if documents aren’t received by the deadline students won’t be considered. Supporting documents can be uploaded after the initial submission of the application, just be aware of any deadlines. 

Review the application to make sure everything’s accurate, then complete the “Self Declared Budget Form,” read the Privacy Information, complete the declaration, then click submit. Ta da! You’ve successfully completed your application. 

Keep in mind there are over two hundred different scholarships and awards. Even if you might be doubtful as to whether or not you might find one that you’re eligible for it never hurts to check. 

Did this article not make any sense? No worries, just go the Brandon University website and select the “Scholarships and Awards” heading, on this page there’ll be an option to read through a step by step process for applying for any scholarships.