LGBTTQ* Collective!

            For those of you unaware, nestled on the second floor of the Knowles Douglas Building is Brandon University’s LGBTTQ* Collective. The best way to get in contact with them is through their Facebook page at www. Office hours are of this moment undecided. If you’re looking to join or get involved in any way there’s currently a meeting set for October 12th from 6:00- 9:00p.m. with the location undetermined at this point, keep an eye on their Facebook page for any updates. Stefon stressed that “it’ll be a real casual, it’s more or less people just need to know that I’m leaving so I’m hoping that we can get a few folks out this year where more of an actual collective could start and then that collective would continue on once I leave.” The involvement is extremely casual, time commitments are up to members, if times get busy for students there’s no expectation that the collective would take priority over school studies or work. Opportunities for small scale as well as large scale planning are available, “It’s whatever you want the collective can be.”

While small, their office is host to various resources open for the Brandon University student body. Books on sexual education on topics aside from the cisgender heterosexual material often taught in schools are available. Along with this, Stefon current head of the collective explained that how though they don’t have a fortune set aside, they do have funds for “any students faculty or staff who are maybe starting a transition… If we can help in a small way to get the ball rolling that’s cool. That’s one of the things we do that not a lot of folks know about.” They also offer knowledge about LGBTTQ* friendly business and people in Brandon and safe sex materials ranging from condoms both internal and external, as well as dental dams.

            Their plans for the year are completely at the behest of the collective. New and returning members will determine what happens throughout the school term. While Stefon was thinking of holding another social after the huge success of the last one, the collective he explained, is completely open for new ideas and plans any members may bring. “Other than that, come to the meeting!”