New Fines in Manitoba for Weed 

As Canada prepares for the legalization of marijuana across the country on October 17th new policies are being developed in each province and territory to control the growth, distribution and possession of the drug. In Manitoba, following the legalization of marijuana there will be fines in effect for cannabis-related offences. In accordance with Bill C-45 or, the Cannabis Act which deals with marijuana legalization and regulation in Canada, adults in Canada are allowed to grow and cultivate up to four marijuana plants in their own home with a height restriction of one meter. Each province however, has the ability to place further restrictions on this legislation. Manitoba and Quebec have decided to take advantage of this option and have set a zero tolerance for growing marijuana. In Manitoba, individuals found in the possession of a marijuana plant that is not being grown for medical reasons can be subject to a fine of $2,542.

Once legal, cannabis will be easily accessible in Brandon. There are at least three locations that have been approved to sell marijuana and are considered licensed cannabis distributors. All of the marijuana sold from these retailers must be sourced through Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries. The age requirement to enter these retail locations will be 19 years old in accordance with provincial legislation. Supplying marijuana to a young person under the age of 19 can result in a hefty fine of $2,542. 

Other pre-set fines will be coming into effect after the legalization of cannabis on October 17th. These include a $237 fine for improper transportation of marijuana, meaning the driver is carrying cannabis in or on the vehicle that is not stored in an inaccessible separate compartment. There will also be a $672 fine for smoking or vaping in provincial parks. There are exceptions however, for those who have private residences within a provincial park. For a complete list of cannabis related offences visit the Government of Manitoba website at