New MOU Signed

Last week the City of Brandon, Brandon University, and Assiniboine Community College signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that puts a focus on collaboration on research and educational projects between the two institutions and the City that would be mutually beneficial. 

Previously, a MOU had been signed between BU and ACC in 2014. This brought about joint projects such as the “Welcome Students” campaign and the new Public History joint program. 

So, what does this mean for students? It will hopefully give students new chances to do hands-on projects that they can see the impact from. It will lead to the City of Brandon creating more local opportunities for students to use the skills they are learning while also encouraging students to stay in the community and work with new pathways being opened for them. This would be beneficial to the city of Brandon, because it would lead to economic growth and beneficial to students to practice what they are learning. According to the article on this topic on BU’s website, “the three institutions have committed to regularly discuss challenges and opportunities within the City of Brandon, which may be addressed through applied research and educational projects.” Rick Chrest recognized in the article that Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College are important assets to Brandon. BU’s Interim President Steve Robinson noted “collaboration is truly at the heart of what academics do, and there are many exciting opportunities for Brandon University students, faculty, and staff to contribute in new ways to enhance our community. Signing this Memorandum of Understanding allows us to further develop the many ongoing partnerships that we are already eagerly pursuing.” Long story short? Pure speculation, but hopefully this MOU means more research opportunities and hopefully more jobs for students, and graduates to encourage staying in Brandon. 

Each of the institutions were name a representative who will “collectively identify the more fruitful avenues for new research, drawing on the combined needs and strengths of the City of Brandon, of Brandon University, and of Assiniboine Community College.”

(All information for this article was found in the BU press release article on the topic).