Supplies For University

As students are settling into their courses their minds begin to wander, wondering if they truly are prepared for the school year.  Did you pack everything you needed from home? Did you remember your keys and wallet? Did you get all the necessary supplies? Back in elementary, and even high school for some, those type of things were often taken care of by parents. No more! Welcome ladies and gentlemen to adulthood. Yes, that same adulthood that is filled with bills, stress and taxes, and more taxes and more. Today we will explore what supplies are absolutely necessary for university and where to get them. 

The first thing that often comes to mind when we think of university supplies is school supplies. These include items such as notebooks, loose-leaf, binders, pens, pencils, highlighters, backpacks and calculators. Most of these supplies can be found right on campus at our local Brandon University Bookstore. Here you will be able to purchase all those smaller but necessary items that your parents used to buy for you. Of course you don't have to purchase these items on campus. With Brandon hosting a population of just under 50,000 people there are a variety of shops and stores that could easily provide you with the necessary school supplies. At the far south end of 18th street, you know that big, busy street in front of the university, you will find Staples. Staples is an office supplies store and therefore would no doubt have everything you could possibly need in terms of basic school supplies. Going North on 18th street, in what is called the Corral Centre, you will find none other than Wal-Mart. Here you will find those highlighters you thought you didn't need for an arts course or that scientific calculator you forgot at home and need for a mathematics course. In terms of cost Wal-Mart would most likely be the cheapest location in Brandon for the majority of basic school supplies. Finally, if you turn eastward on Victoria Avenue and continue until you hit 9th street you will come face to face with Superstore, as well as by far the worst parking lot in Brandon. Here, if you can actually find a place to park, you will find much of the same items that Wal-Mart and Staples have, just different brands at different prices. Of course basic school supplies are not the only type of "supplies" that you will need for university. 

Another form of "supplies" that are practically required for university is laptops. Unlike high school laptops are used on a daily basis at university. Many students use them to take notes in class, instead of writing in scribblers or notebooks. Laptops are also used to write essays and assignments as well as do research. Unfortunately, laptops are much more expensive than your basic school supplies. However, like school supplies, Brandon offers a variety of businesses in which laptops or desktops can be purchased at. In the Corral Centre both Wal-Mart and Best Buy offer laptops and desktops. Here you will be able to browse multiple brands and models and find the best fit for the courses you are taking. It is best to purchase these items early as many businesses put on back to school sales where you could end up saving hundreds of dollars. Money you will no doubt need for the rest of the "supplies" required at university. 

Finally, some of the most important supplies that you could purchase for university is textbooks. Many courses, although not all, require or heavily advise students to purchase a corresponding textbook. This will assist you in not only studying for the course but completing assignments and projects as well. Textbooks that are required for a particular course you are registered in can be purchased at the Brandon University Bookstore on campus. However, as many people probably presumed they are far from cheap. In some cases, you can purchase used textbooks either from the bookstore or other students. Although used textbooks are sometimes not in the best condition and they sell incredibly quick. Therefore, before you go on a spending spree which can easily rack into thousands of dollars you should verify with your professor if the textbook is required or recommended and make a decision from that point on. 

Although this seems like a lot of supplies just for one year of university, making sure these housekeeping items are done early will allow you to put more focus on your coursework. Some of the supplies may last beyond one year of university such as a laptop or desktop. Others, such as textbooks, can be sold to other students the following year should they require them for a particular course. Therefore, check to make sure that you have all the supplies necessary to succeed at university. Being properly supplied will allow you to strike one more thing off that dreadful preparation list.