PSA Grey Owl

There is some exciting news happening over at Assiniboine Community College. The Grey Owl restaurant will soon be back up and running. Every year the Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts hosts a four week long dining restaurant in which culinary arts students test their skills by preparing dishes for attendees. Students in the Hotel and Restaurant Management diploma also get to display what they have learned. They have the opportunity to practice and develop their hospitality and service skills. Grey Owl is seen as one of the most anticipated events at Assiniboine Community College each year and does an exemplary job in highlighting their slogan, "Learn by Doing."

This year, Grey Owl will run from January 21st till February 15th. The restaurant will only be open in the evenings throughout the week. Reservations must be made in order to attend the event. The restaurant is located at Assiniboine Community College's North Hill campus. The grand and historic dining room is inside the Manitoba Institute of Culinary Arts, where students study for two years to get their Culinary Arts diploma.

Each year, the students at Assiniboine Community College prepare a vast variety of tasty and savoury dishes for attendees to enjoy. What's on the menu this year? A better question is, what isn't? At Grey Owl the students and staff will be serving up full course meals with plenty of options available for anyone fortunate enough to attend. Even better, Grey Owl has vegetarian and gluten free menu options. Attendees can dig into appetizers like the Pan Seared Scallop and Tiger Prawn or head over to the Chilled Seafood Bar. If you’re looking for something a little lighter to start off the meal there are a variety of soups and salads such as the Mediterranean Salad. The menu gets even better heading into the entrees. There, you can have everything from Brome Lake Duck to Southern Fried Cornish Game Herd. All entrees come with a choice of soup and salad as well as a vegetable, Harvard beet and freshly baked bread. To finish things off, Grey Owl also has a desserts menu. Here attendees can enjoy a Turtle Cheesecake or a Classic Creme Brûlée. In celebration of Grey Owl's 30th birthday, you can also order a slice of Classic Vanilla Birthday Cake. There are some higher end items on the menu and due to that, the prices at Grey Owl are more expensive than your average restaurant. However, not only is the food delicious but attendees can take part assisting in the education of new chef's.

This tasty and enriching event sells out quickly! Reservations can be made as of Thursday, January 10th at 9:00 a.m. There is no charge to make a reservation, however there is maximum of one reservation per caller. Reservations are available for tables of two, four and even six. To make a reservation at Grey Owl you can call 1-204-725-8738. For more information regarding Grey you can visit<> or by phoning 1-204-725-8741.

photo credit: ACC Website