Review: The Dock on Princess

(The Dock/Facebook)

With new management, a new logo, and a new name, 1133 Princess Avenue is (almost) a brand new pub. Formerly Clancy’s Eatery and Drinkery, the location was (not-so-) magically transformed into a watering hole of similar taste called The Dock on Princess in the last few months of 2012. Bearing few noticeable differences in layout and décor, The Dock maintains the same relaxed, have-a-beer-and-a-chat atmosphere as its predecessor. With ample seating space and a sufficient number of pool tables, and a promising supply of international beers available on tap, a night at The Dock is anything but dull.

Boasting a kicked-up casual menu featuring exotic dishes like vodka penne, avocado brie club, tequila lime fish tacos and pineapple calamari, as well as classics like pulled pork on a bun, chicken wings, and nachos, there is surely something to satisfy both daring and tenacious eaters alike. The prices are comparable to Boston Pizza or Applebee’s, still reasonable given the variety of made-fresh, locally purchased items offered. Like many other homegrown Manitoba businesses, The Dock has formed partnerships with local businesses, like Kuipers Family Bakery and Forbidden Flavors, both located in Brandon. Local produce and the like are also purchased in local communities. For example, Springhill Farms in Neepawa supplies the pub with pork, and Manitoba’s Peak of the Market is where produce is sourced first.

In addition to the standard promise of succulent grub, it is rumored that The Dock may soon host musical guests, an opportunity for Brandonites to see homegrown Manitoba talent and for local groups to showcase their skill. With rumors also surfacing that the Double Decker will no longer have live bands in the hopes of roping in an older demographic, we can only hope that what we’ve heard through the grape vine is true and that The Dock delivers.

The food was excellent, the tequila was even better, and the staff was polite, comedic, and courteous, dealing with the less-than-sober parties present with professionalism and tolerance, which was very much appreciated. The entire pub was clean, and very easily enjoyed even with all the tables filled. The premises haven’t been renovated or revamped in any way, which isn’t heartbreaking for patrons who were crossing their fingers in vain for the reopening of Clancy’s. Partially due to Clancy’s previous success in spite of a downtown location, The Dock has become a popular destination for local pub-goers and will likely continue to be.

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 103, Issue 17, January 15, 2013.