Review: The Double Decker Tavern

File photo. The Double Decker Tavern on Rosser Avenue. (Holly Kalyniuk / The Quill)

After a hectic, jam-packed week of performing the typical duties of a student (working a part-time job when you should be studying, studying instead of sleeping, house-cleaning in hopes of conquering a never-ending mess, and engaging in extra-curricular activities that have begun to lose their appeal), sometimes restoring balance means a relaxed weekend outing in the company of friends. If that’s the case, regardless of whether you prefer beer, or no alcohol at all, The Double Decker Tavern on Rosser Avenue offers an excellent atmosphere for your much-needed recuperation.

Established in 1994, The Decker features a daily special and a classic menu spiked with specialities like the shrimp basket, zucchini sticks, the Big Ben Burger (on the kids’ menu), bangers and mash, and “Sinfully Scotland” (deep fried Mars bars). For less curious visitors with hunger pains, there are several more standard options available, like a taco wrap, a ham and cheese sandwich, onion rings, and a plentiful nacho platter. With over ten different flavors of chicken wings, every wing-lover will be more than satisfied.  There are even vegetarian options available. Finally, complete your meal with any of the 14 beers readily available on tap, including their own brew, the Double Decker Lager. Another incentive is The Decker’s student deal, whereby students receive 10% off their entire bill on Thursday and Friday upon producing a valid student ID.

The staff is consistently courteous and professional, serving customers in a timely manner and handling less-than-properly-functioning patrons with something comparable to grace. The comfortable atmosphere is made all the more so by the tasteful music playing throughout the pub, which strays far enough from popular radio hits to keep guests pleasantly at-ease. The pool tables and dart board encourage friendly (and inebriated) competition that can invoke booing in epic proportions across the entire upper level.

Rivalry between The Dock on Princess and the Double Decker begs the question of which pub packs the greater punch. While similar in atmosphere, the more constricted layout of the Decker creates a warmer feel, as opposed to The Dock’s large, open billiards area. However, The Dock offers the “Long Nights on The Dock”, a specialty brew which amalgamates alcoholic beverages which theoretically shouldn’t taste as delicious together as they do, and which could easily challenge the Decker’s house lager. Customer service is equally as pleasant in both establishments, and their menus are similar in their differences. In the end, which is the ‘best’ boils down to personal preference, which is usually arbitrarily decided by factors beyond the control of food, faculty or management.

Contrary to rumors mentioned in an earlier review, The Decker will continue to feature live music on Friday and Saturday nights. In the past, everything from jazz to rock has hit the stage, as well as various cover bands like Midlife Crisis and 2012 Brandon Summer Fair Battle of the Bands finalist Out F’ Sync, with some of the upcoming performances featuring local talents Sebastian Owl, Young Pixels, and Young Folk.

For a full calendar of events, visit the Decker’s official website.

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 103, Issue 23, March 5, 2013.