Buy textbooks for less!

File photo. (pmccormi / Flickr)

With each August day that slips through your fingers, September and the start of the 2013/2014 regular term nears. In addition to perhaps requiring a new fall wardrobe (budget pending, as always), every student needs textbooks for their new courses.

For most, a trip to the Brandon University Campus Bookstore, either their new or used section, will supply them with all they need. For those with a flare for thrift and adventure, hunting for textbooks can entail more and has the potential to be far more financially rewarding.

Much to the knowledge of the general population, there are numerous bulletin boards located across campus. On these boards is where students have the opportunity to advertise and purchase used textbooks. Other places to peruse for used texts include the Brandon University Students’ Union (BUSU) and the Used Textbooks for Sale Facebook groups, two locations where students frequently post information on used articles.

If you don’t have the time for such nonsense or don’t want to shop used, another option for more affordable textbooks is shopping at a local bookstore. The Campus Bookstore conveniently carries everything you’d need, but a quick trip to Coles in Shoppers Mall just might turn up exactly what you’re searching for, as well, for a fraction of the cost.

Much like purchasing anything previously owned, siding with used textbooks carries an ample degree of risk. When purchasing used textbooks from strangers, there is generally a zero return policy if you happen to have sought the wrong text or discover it wasn’t a required article, also downfall of purchasing used textbooks at the Campus Bookstore. When it comes to budgeting and the short duration you’ll be using your textbook for, previously used textbooks are a sure-fire way to save some of your hard-earned cash for the upcoming school year (and maybe get that cute fall dress or purchase early bird tickets to this year’s Rock the Block). But if you’d rather your textbook wasn’t dog-eared or covered in coffee stains, purchasing directly from the bookstore is your best option.

Happy shopping, everyone!