Apocalyptic Mozart

The Queen Elizabeth II Music Building. (Brandon University)

During my interview with Professor William P. Gordon I realized two things. The first was that he is a very friendly man. The second was that his beard was better than mine by several orders of magnitude. It imbued serious authority.

Professor Gordon does not use this incredible power for evil though. Instead, he graciously gave me information about what is coming up in the School of Music this semester. They will be very busy with both the Pro Series and the Brandon Chamber Players, with concerts almost every week. You can buy tickets at the door or in advance at the Music Deparment office.

Prices are reasonable. Single tickets for the pro series concerts are $15 for Adults, $10 for Students, Seniors and Alumni, and $8 for Conservatory Students. The tickets to the Brandon Chamber Players concerts cost $30 for Adults, $25 for Seniors and $10 for Students. The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra will be visiting twice and those tickets can be bought from the WMCA.

Also in the offing, moving forward through the semester, will be many a student recital.  If you have a spare night I would highly recommend going to see one of these shows. The talent our music students show in their performances is a powerfully exciting way to see some live music. The BU Symphonic Band will also play half of the Outreach Concert in conjunction with the Manitoba Honour Band in November of this year.

In between teaching French horn and music theory, Professor Gordon has hopes that there will be more cross-faculty performances in the future. He went on to say that he hopes that the School of Music has a “really good term in the sense that students enjoy what they’re doing.”

Unless there is a robot apocalypse, in which case he plans to play some Mozart. In his words, it would balance the ruin with a little bit of perfection.


In case you were wondering, here are the dates…

BCP — Brandon Chamber Players

ET — Evans Theatre, Brandon University

LWRH — Lorne Watson Recital Hall

WMCA — Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium

WSO — Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

October 6th, 8:00 pm Fine Arts Quartet (with Michael Kim) – LWRH

October 16th, 8:00 pm Anagnoson & Kinton – LWRH

October 27th, 3 p.m. WSO: Tchaikovsky Festival – WMCA

October 30th, 8:00 pm Yadong Guan Trio – LWRH

November 2nd, 8:00 pm BCP: Reflection, Remembrance, Revelation – LWRH

November 5th, 8:00 pm David Occhipinti – LWRH

November 12th, 8:00 pm E-gré Winner: Everett Hopfner – LWRH

November 17th, 3 p.m. WSO: Umi Plays Chopin – WMCA

November 22nd, 8:00 pm Charles Foreman, piano – LWRH

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 104, Issue 3, September 17, 2013.