Study Tips: Wunderlist

I for one find it impossible to remember everything that I need to accomplish in a day. Previous experiences have shown that trying to remember everything without making a list is a terrible, terrible idea, with terrible, terrible consequences. This is where the lifesaving application Wunderlist comes to the rescue.

Wunderlist is a free service that allows you to create lists for yourself, or share them with your colleagues, friends, and family. This includes everything from must-see upcoming movies, to grocery lists and group projects. Not only that, you can also create folders to group relevant lists together, and within these lists it is possible to create subtasks and add notes. If you are concerned about missing a deadline all you need to do is set a due date or a reminder. Wunderlist is perfect for those who have made the decision reduce the amount of paper they use. However, they do not discriminate against those who love hard copies, with the click of a button it is possible to print selected lists, and emailing lists is also an option. Did I mention you can also attach files to your lists? Well you can, a particularly handy function for group projects.

In addition to these fun lists making features, Wunderlist also has several relaxing backgrounds for you to choose from. Everything from neutral soothing colours, to puppies and kitties, architecture, and nature. Now there is no reason to feel any anxiety when confronted with a daunting list.

As with most services these days Wunderlist has a Pro version, available for the low, low price of $4.99 per month. With the Pro version, you are provided with space for unlimited files, can assign unlimited to-dos, as well as unlimited subtasks, plus 10 extra backgrounds (these are cleverly listed after the free backgrounds to tempt you into paying that $4.99 per month). Instead of the free 5mb per file, 25 assign to-dos, and 25 subtasks per to-do list offered with the free version. This application is user-friendly and intuitive. Wunderlist is available on all Mac products, including the Apple Watch, as well as for Android, Windows phones, in your web browser, and on the Kindle Fire. Stay productive.