Jobs Available on Campus

The school year is now well and truly under way. Assignments are due and midterms are being written, on top of the academic stressors that students are having to deal with many may find that their pockets are slowly deflating. No they don’t have holes in them, but all those weekends of letting off steam can become quite expensive. Check your account balance, if it is in the red or you’d simply like more money to throw around then keep reading. There are numerous Student Positions offered right here on campus that might just be the thing for you.

Are you the athletic type or simply tired of the unbalanced work to play ratio in University? Here are two jobs right up your alley. Game Management Staff: If you are accepted for this position you will: help in the set up and tear down of game day; interact with and assist customers during the game; and monitor gate ticket sales. Athletics Mascot: Be Bailey the Bobcat! Need I say more?

Maybe you want a paying job that is more in line with the degree that you’re working on. No problem. Student Accessibility Services is looking for Tutors: As a tutor you would assist students in the comprehension of course material by providing a less formal environment than the lecture hall and encourages dialogue twixt you and the students. Pre-requisites are that you have a minimum 2.5 GPA, with a B or better in the class that you wish to tutor, after all you need to know your stuff. Student Services is offering positions as a Learning Coach: Here you would be providing more general knowledge on how to succeed in University. Have you any tricks that proved useful in making notes, study habits, or test-taking? Here you will be payed to share those. Must have a GPA of 2.5 and completed at least 24 credit hours.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the jobs offered, to learn more, like pay rates for example, go to, but hurry even as I wrote this article one job offer was removed.