This Week in Pop Culture: DIYs and Creations


To those that know me well (or those that I bestow gifts on), it comes as no surprise that I like to make things. Thus, it also makes sense that I like to watch other people make things. However these people tend to make things that I would never dream of, and I bow to their abilities (in some cases). Here are three of my favourite channels on YouTube that feature makers and/or DIYers.

The King of Random

We’ll start off with the popular one: The Kind of Random, or Grant Thompson. He’s been around for quite a while, and I’d honestly be surprised if you hadn’t seen at least one of his videos. His videos feature demonstrations on how the average person can make something really cool, or just doing science experiments to satiate the curiosity of some of his viewers. Some of his videos that I recommend you check out are “How To Make Napalm (On Toast)”, “Will Frozen Gasoline Burn?”, and “Can You Start A Fire With A Pencil?”. These aren’t necessarily his most recent videos, but they are definitely some that entertained me.

Peter Brown

Next up is Peter Brown. He tends to do projects in a more niche market, but his sense of humour and his ideas are constantly having me watch the next video just to see what he’ll think of next. A quick look at Peter’s video uploads shows that he likes to make things with power tools, and that he likes to take average items and make them differently from how other people would. Some cool videos of his that I like include “Making A Pen Out Of Paper”, “Peppercorn Pepper Mill”, “Salt Block Margarita Glass”, and “Making The Drunken Cutting Board”. Again, not all recent videos, but ones that are a good gateway to his channel.


Lastly, we have Threadbanger, and marked depart from the two previous channels which makes all other channels look reserved in comparison. Threadbanger is hosted by Corrine and Rob, a husband and wife, who just give no shits. About anything. A good piece of evidence to prove this is that when YouTube started cracking down and demonetizing channels which contained profanity or otherwise “obscene” behaviour, Rob made a satire video about it, and then both of them continued their unrestrained ways. If you haven’t gotten the hint yet: do not watch this channel if politically incorrect humour, swearing, or other off-colour mannerisms offend you. That being said, here are a few of my favourite videos of theirs: “DIY Painted Rock Art”, “DIY Black Fried Chicken”, “DIY Leaf Stuff”, and “Avocado Toast Breakfast”. Although, if you want the truth, just about all of their videos are my favourites. And if one channel isn’t enough Rob and Corrine for you, their each have personal channels too, titled Rob Czar and Corrine Leigh respectively.