"From Paris to the Prairies" Coming to BU

(Logan Praznik/The Quill)

Music and culture have a funny way of going together. Through music one can give the listener a glimpse into their culture and music allows us to almost be transported to a different place.

From Paris to the Prairies: A Concert of Prairie Metis Songs will be an example of how culture and song go hand in hand. It will be narrated and sung by Ray St. Germain. It will feature Conlin Delbaere-Sawchuk and Gary Lepine who are Brandon University Music Students. The concert is from 3:00PM-4:30PM, and is located in the Lorne Watson Recital Hall. Tickets can be purchased by calling 204-727-9631, 204-725-7520 or 1-888-627-9663 and are only $10! The concert is being put on by Brandon University and the Manitoba Metis Federation, Southwest Region.

The Manitoba Metis Federation, Southwest Region is a non-profit organization who works to represent and serve the Metis people located in the Southwest Region. They promote history and culture, educate members in respect to legal, political and social rights, promote particulation of the members in the community and other organizations and more.

The Lorne Watson Recital Hall is located in the Queen Elizabeth II Music Building here at Brandon University. This concert is a great opportunity to experience Metis culture through music and see some BU music students in action. If you’re a music lover, or a culture lover and are free on the 29th, go check it out. Can’t go wrong with $10!