Rocket Game Corner: Launch Date Line-Ups

A launch-day lineup outside the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York. Unfortunately, no video games to be found here. (Rob DiCaterino/Flickr under CC BY 2.0)

You’ve probably heard of those people who wake up at ridiculous hours to stand in line in front of a store for ages to try to get a new video game or console. You may have called said people rude names or pitied them for their obvious sickness. You might not have really understood what on earth could possess someone to commit such a shenanigan. Me, too. I feel you. No shame. I saw the crazy line-ups last Remembrance Day when the Nintendo Classic was released and thought “is this even worth it?”

Except that I am now one of those people. I stood outside Wal-Mart last November, waiting to get my copy of Pokemon Moon. I shivered (again, outside Wal-Mart) in March when the Nintendo Switch was released. I am that weirdo who sets an alarm for 5:00AM to drag my butt to the grimly lit hellscape that is a Wal-Mart, to stand either outside or in the front vestibule to await its 7:00AM opening time to pick up a video game system.

Is it stupid? Yes. Is it worth it? Also yes. I do not regret the hours I’ve sunk into Pokemon Moon, because my team is adorable and also badass (#TeamRowlett). I do not regret waking up before the sun to pick up a Nintendo Switch because I have a video saved on my phone of two of my (male) friends doing their best catwalk strut while playing 1, 2, Switch. I’m a Millennial, dammit, and I’ll get my joy where I can.

I put my foot down when the Super Nintendo Classic came out this last Friday (September 29th) though. My Nerdboy preordered one so I didn’t have to drag my crazy, lazy butt out of my nice warm bed and into the crisp fall air to stand outside of the Wal-Mart on the off chance that we’d be able to get the tiny version of my childhood console of choice.