This Week in Pop Culture: Thor: Ragnarok


Enter Thor, God of Thunder and Comedian of the Nine Realms. The third move in the Thor series did not disappoint.

Featuring quite a few interactions between Thor and his God of Mischief brother, Loki, Thor: Ragnarok is more of a satire. It mocks the seriousness of the Asgardian Gods in the other films in the Marvel franchise, particularly the more serious Thor movies. It adds an almost completely human attitude to the usually uptight and divinely purposeful Asgardians. However, this does serve as a tool through the movie to help illustrate some of the Asgardians (mainly just Thor’s own) growth as characters in the Thor (and ultimately the Avengers) series.

Don’t let any of this turn you off if you enjoyed the prior films and Thor’s character in them. Thor: Ragnarok was still an engrossing time for any fan or follower of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Tying off lose ends and plot points answering a lot of questions from previous movies, such as what the heck did Loki do to Odin at the end of Thor: The Dark World? As a bonus, it also features as what could be said as one of the longer and most comedic cameos by Stan Lee in the Thor trilogy.

Thor: Ragnarok features a star-studded cast, as one may now expect of the MCU. Jeff Goldblume comes in with a more “unbalanced” role, as the ruler of a planet founded on the basis of gladiatorial matches, known as The Grandmaster. He’s possibly best know for his role in Jurassic Park as Ian Malcolm, the Chaos mathematician. He is joined by Karl Urban playing Skurge, an Asgardian with an extremely strong survival complex. Urban is recognizable from other blockbuster movies such as Doom, Star Trek (2009), and The Lord of the Rings.

It is easy to say what might draw the masses to the MCU, and Thor: Ragnarok: the popularity of the films, the icons of perfection the hero’s themselves symbolize, and perhaps just a little bit of nostalgia for those who have read the comics for the majority of their lives. We all know the real reason for Thor’s popularity in particular… its Chris Hemsworth’s arms.