PSA: The Long Night Against Procrastination Approaches

Students at last year's LNAP. (Krista Murray/The Quill)

As students gear up for exam season once again the library has brought back their Long Night Against Procrastination event which will be taking place on Wednesday and Thursday of this week (November 23rd and 24th). Unlike previous years, however, the library will not be open for the entire night. It will be shutting down at 3:00AM and reopening at 8:00AM. There are no reasons for this change in hours listed online, but I suspect that it’s because the library is mostly empty during those times at this event anyway (at least from my own experience).

The event officially kicks off at 7:00PM according to the Long Night BU website ( There will be various skills curriculum help available from 7:00PM until 2:00am, along with a litany of other events designed to help you relax, take a break, and (possibly most importantly) get your work done.

If food is your thing then you should plan to be around at midnight for free pizza (sponsored by BU Alumni Association), 2:00AM for Cookies and Cram, and 9:00AM-11:00AM for a pancake breakfast (sponsored by BUSU). Throughout the night there will also be free drinks and snacks in the library for Long Night partakers. In the past, this has included fruit, granola bars, canned drinks, tea, and coffee, among other items.

For more information and times for specific events, students should visit the Long Night website at, and should they have any questions they can contact Betty Braaksma with the library at 207-727-9688 or or Courtney Adams with student services at 204-727-9649 or

The time is now, fellow students. The fight against procrastination is upon us. Assemble the troops and arm them to the gills. For this Wednesday night we shall take on our long time nemesis: Procrastination.