App Review: Sage Solitaire

(Enoch Lau/Wikimedia Commons)

Sage Solitaire is another fantastic game from designer Zach Gage. If the name sounds familiar, he is also the creator of Really Bad Chess, which was featured in Issue 8 of The Quill.

Sage Solitaire combines poker and solitaire to create a unique card playing experience. The rules are simple. Make poker hands of the nine cards available to you, as well as three of a kind, 3 card straights, or pairs. You must use cards from at least two of the three rows. The aim of the game is to clear the board, you have two trash cards for when you have no other options, which you can earn back by making a hand. Points are assigned to each hand and the game is scored accordingly. With Vegas mode a betting component is added, and instead of points the different hands are assigned cash values.

For those of you who are achievement hunters, Sage Solitaire has 40 achievements for you to try and complete. The basic version of the game is 100% free, and includes the single deck version of the game and Vegas mode. A quick warning, every few hands there are ads, but trust me, this game is so much fun you hardly notice. Now, should you wish to unlock the full game and all its fun features, you can do so for a mere $3.99 (in-app purchase). This includes more modes such as double deck and fifteens mode. With double deck you receive double the amount of cards for double the amount of fun. Fifteen mode adds an extra hand reminiscent of cribbage in which you can cash in anything that adds up to 15, adding a fun new element of strategy to the game.

Additionally, by paying the $3.99 you also say goodbye to the ads, unlock the above modes, and have access to new wallpapers and themes.

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 20, January 31, 2017.