Bizarre Holidays This Week…

After a brief hiatus last week, we’re back with more bizarre holidays that you can celebrate to break up your week and lift your spirits.

Starting off our week is Backwards Day on Tuesday, January 31st. Feel free to do anything backwards that you want to, including wearing your clothes backwards (only shirts, jeans might be a little difficult to wear backwards). I don’t recommend walking to school backwards though, you might accidentally walk into traffic.

Wednesday, February 1st is Work Naked Day. I wouldn’t recommend that you go into the office or come to school naked though, that could lead to a fine and a cold. Feel free to study at home naked though (where you are in private).

Thursday, February 2nd will be celebrated as The Day of the Crepe in France. Crepes are a type of thin pancake, and some people believe that they symbolize prosperity.

Also on February 2nd is Play Your Ukulele Day, a day which was first celebrated in 2011. It is believed that ukuleles, a small four-stringed instrument, were created by Portuguese immigrants to Hawaii.

Friday, February 3rd is Carrot Cake Day. I personally believe that carrot cake tastes best with crushed pineapple and pecans in the cake, and cream cheese icing on top. You can enjoy it however you like it best though.

Saturday, February 4th is celebrated at Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day, a day which is celebrated on the first Saturday every February. How can you incorporate ice cream into your breakfast? Replace your fresh fruit with fruit ice cream, top your pancakes/crepes with ice cream instead of syrup, or replace the milk in your cereal with ice cream.

Also on February 4th is Thank Your Mailman Day, Create a Vacuum Day, and Stuffed Mushroom Day. These can be celebrated by saying a quick “thanks” when your mail is delivered, building a vacuum cleaner (or just vacuuming your floor if you don’t know how to build one), and by making (and eating) stuffed mushrooms. My favourite stuffed mushroom recipe is stuffing the mushroom tops with a blend of cream cheese, chopped mushroom stems, and crab meat. Bake them for a few minutes and they are delicious!

Capping off the weekend is National Weather Person’s Day and Chocolate Fondue Day on Sunday, February 5th. You may not see the meteorologist on the TV, but they’re behind your weather forecasting and reporting app. If you’re looking for ideas for chocolate fondue, it tends to go well with strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows.

Monday, February 6th is Lame Duck Day. Don’t let the name fool you, as a “lame duck” is any elected official who is on their way out of office. Most notably, Former President Obama was very recently a “lame duck”.

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 20, January 31, 2017.