Escape the Final Countdown: New Year, New Rooms

(Krista Murray / The Quill)

Escape rooms are all the rage right now, made popular by an episode of the Big Bang Theory in which the gang solves the puzzle in about four minutes. It is not quite that simple in reality. The goal is to escape the room within 60 minutes, to do this you must find a series of clues and puzzles that will lead you to the solution and your escape.

Over the summer Brandon’s first escape room opened, and it is a ton of fun. Most of the rooms are designed for groups of 2-6, and all ages are welcome, though children do need to be accompanied by an adult.

There are currently three rooms available to play through.

Their first room The Great Granny Rescue is still going strong. With this room Granny has been kidnapped by the Big Bad Wolf and he will only give her back if you can find her secret cookie recipe, otherwise it is bye-bye Granny. This room is suitable for all ages.

Their second room Crisis at Customs, has been retired. This room was a ton of fun, and quite different from the linear Great Granny Rescue. I cannot say enough good things about this room, alas all good things do come to an end. However, two additional rooms are now available.

The Game Master’s Revenge pits 6-10 players against that nerdy kid in school that everyone used to tease. She isn’t happy and now it is time for her revenge, teams must play her game and outwit her in order to escape. This room is suitable for ages 12 and up.

The latest addition is The Code Breaker’s Legacy, wherein your grandfather’s house is about to be demolished. As you and some friends are feeling nostalgic you stumble upon his old fallout shelter in the backyard. It turns out grandpa was a Cold War Code Breaker. The door locks behind you and your friends, and you must decipher the codes in order to escape before demolition begins. This room is suitable for 2-6 players ages 16+.

The rate is $25 per person, this includes the taxes, and children who are under the age of 10 are free with two paying players. Be sure to arrive 15-20 minutes early so staff can go over the room with you, oh and lovers of technology, you do not get to take those phones in, this is all you.

Escape the Final Countdown is open evenings and weekends, except for Monday. To book a time you can contact them at 204-727-2203 or book online at

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 20, January 31, 2017.