Part-Time Jobs for Students

(Credit: Jenny Cestnik/Flickr under CC-BY-ND 2.0)

Having a job can take up a large portion of your life and going to school on top of that only adds to the pressure. Students working part-time jobs face a huge responsibility trying to keep up financially and academically. Sadly however these jobs are not very glamorous or luxurious, they can be absolutely heartbreaking. The jobs certainly help fill your day and bank account but can be tedious if you’re not in the right type of work.

The site TutorBright is different, it offers a chance to truly change your life. TutorBright is the leading supplemental education company in Canada which offers jobs from retail to tutoring. Using the resources offered by the company can land you jobs being a peer tutor, barista, retail, and even driving for Uber. These part time jobs pay anywhere from $18-25 per hour, and offer you unique experiences that will give you that step up on the competition.

The hours are flexible and greatly help out any students’ lifestyle. As students in college or university you are required to constantly schedule your life around certain events or peoples. But when working with TutorBright you pick and choose when your schedules allow you to work.

Being a Tutor-Mentor is one of the greatest experiences offered by TutorBright. You are given the opportunity to gain teaching skills and make positive impact on a students life. What’s truly great with working as a Tutor-Mentor is that there is no experience needed.

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 25, March 14th, 2017.