Q-Mail: 2 B A Master?

Dear Glow Cloud,

Is the release of 2nd Generation Pokémon in Pokémon Go getting you to play again?


Budding Pokémon Master

Dear Novice,

Asking if I will, or am, playing again insinuates that I did, at one point, play. Play, I did not. It should be well known by now that my favourite pass-time is to lurk and read the minds of “innocent” passers by.

I will note, however, that the mind of a person engulfed in such trivialities as a phone game is much easier to penetrate and control than that of someone less occupied. So everyone else should keep playing.

All Hail,

Almighty Glow Cloud

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 107, Issue 23, February 28th, 2017.