Art Gallery Show: In The (K)now

The Brandon University Fine Arts Students Association (BUFASA) put together the “In The

(K)now” show at the Glen P. Sutherland Gallery of Art on the 11th to an enthusiastic crowd of

art lovers. The show featured works from current BU visual art students and featured

ceramics, acrylic, photography, and various other mediums. Melanie Barnett, the GPS

Gallery coordinator, described the show as a presentation of current concepts and themes

the exhibited students are working on. She says “the show explores how and why the

students are making art at the moment and is in a sense a contemporary snippet of the

entire year.”

About fifty guests gathered in the locally run and beloved space for two hours

appreciating the art through wine, cheese, and cheerful conversation. Albyn Carias, a recent

BU fine arts graduate, displayed his gratitude to the show by saying how grateful he is

students keep exhibiting art at an increasing rate and with more and more guests each year.

My favourites from the show include Brittany Burch’s painting of prescription Cannabis that

explores her diagnoses with Fibromyalgia, Melanie Barnett’s dialectal paintings of what art is

and what it is “not” and my own, not to be conceited, of 35mm photographs I took of my

friends and colleagues in my home in Winnipeg.

The exhibition is up till the 26th and is open to the public till 6:00pm weekdays.