Op-Ed: Progressive Conservatives And Macleans

This month we were treated to the eye sore of Maclean’s magazine’s cover of various men, in various shades of beige, in various hues of blue, in various postures of nonchalance. The cover, highlighting a new emerging group of progressive conservative leaders including our own Alumni, Brian Pallister, was met with polarizing responses. Without diving deep into any Ford scandals and steering away from any conspiracy theories of Pallister being an almost 7 foot hematophage, one response the public took to the image was to make parodies of it.

Out came duplicates of all women in various skin colours, in various dress sizes and just about the same cup size. To the side, we were greeted with horse faces glued into the headspace (or lack thereof) of the formidable Canadian leaders shaping our conservative landscape. Of course, the “The Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s worst nightmare” headliner could have been replaced with “This is a frat party poster, why is this on the cover of Maclean’s?” However, I’m ready to give Paul Wells, senior writer for Maclean’s, a pass on this as any posh French men’s worst nightmare may be when he is faced by an alliance of anglophones who pronounce tourtière as TOR-TEE-AIR.

In the meantime, the people of the province are finding it increasingly difficult to interest themselves in what Trudeau is dreaming of when their wages are being frozen, emergency care is being cut, and tuition fees are being hiked up. The legislative assembly has given their word to us Manitobans that they will sincerely and honestly give all they have to restore how our egalitarian society worked by backtracking it by two decades. Further, filibusters are being thrown left and right to halt any care for international students who pay their taxes. These discussions are what the Minister of Education thinks will grow Manitoba’s rich history of NOT being a historically English province by cutting funds to francophonie education.

Tensions remain high as cis male councillors debate the future of feminine hygiene.