BUSU Directors 2

Today, we will continue to discuss the responsibilities of Directors of BUSU.

The Women’s Director is the medium for all people on campus who identify as female. They also traditionally work closely with the Women’s Collective to provide services to the female members of campus. This position is currently vacant, but more information can be given by a member of the Executive.

The Indigenous People’s Director looks out for the interests of the people on campus who identify as Indigenous, no matter what band they belong to. The Indigenous People’s Director often works closely with the Indigenous Peoples’ Centre (IPC) and Brandon University Aboriginal Student Council to plan events and provide services for students of Indigenous descent. The current Indigenous Director is Sheree Blacksmith, and you can reach her at Indigenous@BUSU.ca.

The Sexuality and Gender Identity Based Director represents the interests of all students who identify under the LGBTTQ+ spectrum. They tend to work with the LGBT Collective on campus. While this role has previously been difficult to fill on the BUSU Council, the current Director is Jenna Wade, and can be reached at SGIB@BUSU.ca.

The Part-Time/Mature Director’s constituency is students who are either part-time (less than nine credit hours per term) or mature (over the age of twenty-two). The current Part-Time/Mature Director is Steven Holden, and can be reached at PTMature@BUSU.ca.

The International Director looks out for the international students on campus. They often work with the International Students’ Collective to help students get acclimatized to their new environment. The current International Director is Saint Osartin, and he can be reached at International@BUSU.ca.

The Residence Director conveys the needs and desires of the Residence community to BUSU council. The position is currently vacant.

The Accessibilities Director is in charge of those students who require assistance with physical or mental disabilities, and fights for their needs on BUSU Council. The current Director is Whitney Hodgins, who can be reached at Accessibilities@BUSU.ca.

Finally, there’s the Racialized Director, who represents the non-Caucasian students on campus. The current Director is Maya Stirrup, who can be reached at Racialized@BUSU.ca.