Join The ESS

There are many benefits for joining the faculty of education, from the many professional development sessions it offers to its own resource room and multiple lounging areas. The faculty also has some student groups on campus that people are welcome to join. The Education Students Society (ESS) and Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children (MCEC) are two organizations that offer a sense of community within the faculty.

ESS probably offers the largest presence in the Education building, actively recruiting members and hosting events. You can often see them holding meetings on Tuesday’s in the Resource room, or hear announcements made by their room representatives. ESS puts on several fundraisers throughout the year and organizes the Education clothing order. Much of what the organization does is for fundraising purposes and helps the Grad Committee.

The council on ESS had the event Destination Unknown last semester (basically a booze cruise around Westman) and this past Friday held a social at the Ukrainian National Home. Both events were quite successful and an absolute blast to all who went.

ESS is so much more than just another student organization on campus. The society really creates a social environment within the faculty of Ed. They offer opportunities for classmates to network and help build a sense of community. From the President to the room reps, everyone does their part to support the faculty.

Different fundraisers that ESS have had include the draw for the Christmas meal hamper and raffling for Winnipeg Jets tickets.

I was fortunate enough to get an interview with a member of ESS. They decided to go anonymous for the interview saying, “I prefer not to be named by my haterz. My haterz will know who I am.” Yes, they insisted haters be spelt with a z. No, there is no reasonable explanation for having these haterz or info on who these haterz may be.

When they were asked why they had joined ESS they said it was because they loved to be involved with the politics of an organization. Joining ESS allowed them to meet people, receive information on upcoming events and be part of the organization for these events.

The Education Students Society is a great organization, which is actively supporting the faculty and sense of belonging on campus. Working as one of the core members on the council or as room representative, are desirable positions to put on a resume and a terrific way to network. If you want to get involved with ESS simply walk into one of their meetings in the Resource room on a Tuesday, accidentally or intentionally, you will be welcome!