Q-Mail : Quintilius

Dear Quintilius,

How does one lose 15lbs or more? I know it’s a long process but I want to get beach body ready!

Sincerely, Look Good, Feel Good


Dear Physique,

Losing 15lbs quickly can be very dangerous. What I would recommend if you’re looking for immediate results would be to take off an arm or two! This will be the fastest way to lose that pesky weight and be ready for the beach.

Think about it, with one or two fewer arms, you could run so much faster on sand! You would be super aerodynamic, cutting through the wind like the wings of an eagle. Not to mention with running you could probably lose another 15lbs.

If that’s not what you meant about losing weight might I suggest you play hide-and-go seek with your weight. Except when it’s your turn to “seek” you don’t. Weight will try to coax you to find it “Hey pay attention to me,” and “You don’t look as good as that person.” You are trying to lose weight so just forget about it and you won’t find it.

Don’t lie to yourself or go looking at models and feeling depressed, everyone is human and sometimes unhealthy mental and emotional habits need to be challenged. Am I saying don’t workout? No. Am I saying go all vegan and only eat super healthy? No. Take care of yourself and accept your self. When you start feeling better then you start looking better and the best beach body is confidence.

So here are your final two options: accept yourself or join the legions of Roma where we will conquer fear and hate together in the forms of barbarian tribes.


All Salute The Eternal City,

Quinitilius of Rome