BUSU Meeting PSA

The next BUSU Council meeting is scheduled to be held on Thursday, January 18th, 2018 at 4:30PM. These meetings will be held every two weeks for the remainder of the term, as mandated by BUSU’s bylaws. Specific dates for the meetings are February 1st and 15th, March 1st, 15th, and 29th, and April 12th and 26th. 

As always, students are welcome at the meetings as long as they are held in open session. Students are part of the union, and your council represents you. If you have an issue or event you would like for BUSU to discuss at any of the meetings slated for Winter term, email the executive to inquire. You can reach President Nick Brown at pres@busu.ca, Vice-President Internal Emily Simon at vpi@busu.ca, and Vice-President External Mohammed Agavi at vpe@busu.ca.

You can find contact information for your BUSU council representative in the individual faculties, as well as the representatives for whatever group or subset you feel that you belong with at BUSU.ca under the Council page.

BUSU currently has two openings on Council for Women’s and Residence directors. If you are interested in learning more about those positions, contact BUSU President Nick Brown for more details.

Contact BUSU for more information about meetings, things around campus you wish to bring to their attention, and to find out more about your Council Directors! They’re friendly people who are here to help!