How To Get A Son - Henry VIII

Everyone knows how important it is to have a strong son to continue your legacy. That is why I, Henry, eighth of my name, went through six wives.

My first wife, Catherine, was the love of my life. We were wed for twenty-four years, and I blessed her womb no less than six times. Only one of our children survived, a girl. I needed a boy, and Catherine was getting old, so I made a new church to divorce her.

My second wife Anne only had a daughter as well, and she had a cute handmaid, so I accused her of having an affair with her brother. Off with her head!

My third wife was my favourite because she gave birth to my only surviving son. Sadly, she died shortly after Edward was born.

Wives four through six don’t really count as wives, because they didn’t give me any children. Number five was pretty close to being my next favourite, because she was young and we had all kinds of sex. Sadly, she was actually having an affair, so I had to have her head removed, too.