Rocket Game Corner- February Recap

Remember how I did a really bad job of finishing games in January? I did slightly better in February -— I finished a total of two games, and got most of the way through another!

The first game I finished was my resolution game: Ham-Ham Heartbreak for the Gameboy Advance. I completed it in about 24 hours, as it is a game meant for children and I’ve played through it multiple times before. The game is really cute, with the player controlling the titular Hamtaro as he and his friend Bijou travel through five six worlds, healing all the love that the evil hamster Spat has destroyed. Some of the relationships repaired are romantic, but most are platonic or familial. Again, it’s a cute game and I’d recommend it to people who want a good time with minimal effort.

The second game I finished was Life is Strange: Before the Storm. My lovely Nerdboy purchased the second and third episodes for me for Chocolate Appreciation Day, and I immediately played through them. Each episode is the equivalent of about two or three hours of real time, and like the first game, the player’s choices shape the outcome of the story. You play as Chloe, a teenager who has had a pretty rough time over the past few years: her father died, her best friend moved away and ghosted on her, and her mom is dating a douche. Her only solace is her newfound friendship (or more?) with super popular, super fabulous Rachel Amber. For those who have played the original Life is Strange, you know how it ends. It’s a really wonderful and heartbreaking story. Go play!

The unfinished game is, of course, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4. Because I’m trash.