New Restuarants

Recently the Brandon Shoppers Mall parking lot has been dominated by construction fences and machines as new buildings began to take shape, and it seems Brandon’s closer than ever to welcoming the new businesses.

Earlier this year, Harvey’s and Swiss Chalet held career days in which they filled their ranks with everything from waiters to cashiers. The last couple of weeks found the buildings sporting new signs in bright print. It seems as though the finalizing touches are being dealt with as their Facebook page in filled with commentary hinting at a quickly approaching opening day.

Their page has offered brief glimpses into the interior of the buildings revealing built counters seeming’s missing little but the cosmetics. While no official release date has been stated, in a post urging people to enter a contest for a chance to win Quarter Chicken Dinner for a year they mention in a hashtag “opening soon”.

Rumours of the official opening date has varied from the postponement till an April opening, but the consensus has it lying sometime in March, either earlier or more towards the middle. Regardless the restaurant’s social media accounts appear to be the surest way to find out when they finally open their doors.

Harvey’s online menu boasts everything from chicken to hot dogs to snacks. Swiss Chalet keeps things in a more restaurant theme as opposed to fast food, with ribs, pasta, and various other items. Both companies promise to provide some variety to Brandon’s palate. Hopefully both serve their veggie burger options as seen on line- Brandon’s vegetarian fast food selection leaves something to be desired.

Swiss Chalet and Harvey’s aren’t the only one’s promising to introduce new food for Brandon residents. The Wheat City Bar and Grill, which has taken over what was Brown’s Social House. On a post on eBrandon, Spike, the owner of Wheat City Bar and Grill acknowledges complaints that customers have had in regards to their a la carte menu, specifically that it tends to run high cost, and states that they have “made a new menu which we will be launching within the next few weeks or so”.