Round Two Of Club Day

On Thursday January 10th Club Day took place in front of Forbidden Flavours. Some groups there were yours truly The Quill, BUGA, The Biological Society of Brandon University, the Dance Club and others. 

photo credit: Carly

Second term is the perfect time to join a club, don’t be held back by any misconceptions that it’s too late in the year. If you attended first term you’ve had the opportunity to adjust to the special brand of suffering that university is and the general anarchy that rules a Brandon University student’s life (though realistically it’s probably an international phenomenon). But now that you’re a well adjusted gremlin living off free food scraps- why not find some allies to aid in your survival? If this is your first time attending Brandon University feel free to jump right in- clubs are a fantastic way to get involved in the community. 

While the turnout for club day was significantly smaller than the one that took place in the beginning of September both in regard to club turnout and potential recruits, BU clubs are still alive and well. Last term I wrote on the benefits of joining a club, how it allows for social connections outside of class (aside from Russian Singles in your area) and how different positions will give you advantages on your resume. For example writing for The Quill is fantastic, nothing quite looks better than “Journalist” on a resume- though maybe not in certain states- but I digress, there are many reasons to join a club. Clubs have been an integral part of many students positive experiences at university and there’s a good reason for it. 

As always, social media is typically a good way to get into contact with your local student cult, though BUSU also has a page dedicated to club listings that has contact information. Or if you’re particularity ambitious, BUSU also has a section where you can learn the details of registering your own club- you can have your own table next Club Day!