Cheating The System

While advice for amassing your own pot of gold to hide away is sadly beyond reach (unless chocolate gold coins count), in the spirit of this gold encased holiday let’s talk about taking advantage of holiday themed treats. 

Each holiday retailers are frantic to get consumers to spend hard earned cash or digital funds on seasonal themed goods. For instance, Valentine’s Day had chocolate ranging up and down the aisle in cute little hearts, affection is bought after all, then the next day they place all of it on sale. Within days of that Easter takes over the scene with the occasional nod to the in between holidays like St. Patty’s Day. 

So take advantage of this weakness in the system. Wait a day after the holiday- don’t fall for those fake day before sales, wait for those desperate clear-out sales that’ll give you the most bang for your buck. Think, if you wait a mere day after the fact it’s like boxing day for every minor seasonal money grab. 


Expensive stuffed toys? Fancy and financially straining treats!?!? Seize the means of production and make it yourself! Grab a pre-made brownie mix and add extra chocolate, search the ground for dropped treats. Pinch those pennies till they’ve made like coal and turned to diamonds. 

All the leprechaun does is run around one day of the year and chill at the end of the rainbow with his pot of gold- and you too can have this means of financial fulfillment. Hoard up that money in a stray cooking pot or classic money jar and watch the money grow until you’re set up to flee into the wilds and live at the end of rainbows.