Robbing Leprechauns: Better Alternatives

Tis the season for rumoured sightings of little bearded men running around bearing the secrets of eternal wealth. The misty rainbow takes on a different meaning as resting at its end is a pot of gold. However, while such a possibility is tempting- those broke student jokes and failing economy references aren’t just witty one liners- robbing a mystical teeny tiny guy who has made the location of his life savings very obvious doesn’t read as a wise idea. Sure, maybe he’s just really really bad at this whole secret business, maybe he’s never actually moved his very public secret stash during the time since he’s become a popular figure. Or maybe a trap is the only thing at the end of this particular rainbow, maybe a pot of chocolate gold pieces awaits you that while delicious has little bearing on your current financial prospects. So, if taking a risk on a dubious rumour isn’t appealing, consider some other forms of theft to line your pockets with funds.

The ol’ classic bank robbery. Mind you this isn’t the wild west and security camera’s are a thing, along with an array of law enforcement, and security has really advanced in the last few decades, but if you’re ambitious don’t let a pesky little thing like self preservation stop you. 

Similar to the leprechaun and a little closer to home, consider your older relatives who don’t trust banks! You don’t have to get past the security of a bank and risk the daunting legal repercussions, just a complete and utter betrayal of trust! If you can live with the emotional turmoil you’re set. 

Start up a fraud gofundme page. If you’re inclined to creative writing this one could really be promising- let your creativity run as you come up with a persuasive means to get into both people’s hearts and pocket books. 

If you live with a roommate, try selling some of their stuff! Just be careful in regards to pacing, they might believe they misplaced some things but if their entire worldly possessions go missing it’s a little more challenging. 

Good luck on your new hobby! And please keep in mind that this article doesn’t actually offer any professional advice or condone these financial tips.