Needs Of A Newspaper---People

Whether the newspaper is distributed by means of paper or done electronically, some basics of how the newspaper goes from beginning to the hands of the readers never change. It still needs people to help get what is going on around that location out to the people who want to know what is going on in that domain.

      The news room of the Quill may not be used that often within the course of the week, since many of the people who would be in that room have other, more important, matters to deal with. In addition, there is only 1 edition of the paper that is distributed within a 7 day period. 

      The constant of a college newspaper is CHANGE. Everyone, from the chair through to the news writers, will not have a long time in the positions they hold. However, when people believe in what they are doing at a newspaper when they are connected with it, that is how a college newspaper can survive for 110 years. In fact, a newspaper can be like a college basketball team. There are times where that team can be made up with upper-class players; and there comes the time when many of them will move on at the same time.

      For the Quill, what I described above is what will take place this year. When the fall of 2019 begins for the Quill, there will be only 3 people that will be truly in a position to continue getting the newspaper out to the students of Brandon University. The 2 are people who are connected to the paper through an outside position. The Chair is someone who was asked to come on board through a member of the Board of the paper, who was also a previous Editor-in-Chief. The General Manager has the longest tenure connected to the paper, and almost like a student, is juggling more than a few interests apart from the paper. There is hope that a new Editor-in-Chief will be in place to help with the day-to-day and issue-to-issue dealings of the paper. THAT WILL BE ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORKINGS OF YOUR STUDENT UNIVERSITY PAPER. 

      What I am challenging the students of Brandon University to do is decide that you have a good paper that is worth reading, and ask if you would like to be part of the paper. If the answer is yes, contact the paper and let us know how you would like to help out. My e-mail address tied to the paper is always available for comments. The Quill’s AGM will also take place in the coming month on March 26th, all are invited to come out, share their voice and take part in the discussion of the future of the Quill.