Filling the Cupboards

The boxes of food collected for the BUSU Food Bank, shown after the annual Halloween Food Drive, on Wednesday, October 31, 2012. Over 4,700 lbs of food were collected. (Graham Janz/The Quill)

Thanks to all the student clubs who participated in his year’s Halloween Food Drive, the food bank is now 4,731 pounds or 2,145.95 kilograms heavier! The once bare shelves will soon be overwhelmed under the heavy weight of this massive haul. All of the work and time contributed by each individual participant is greatly appreciated and I hope much fun was had!

Due to packaging damage or expiration, not all of the donated food is usable. Some of the expired foods, having expiration dates prior to the birth of some BU students, resemble time capsules of relative interest to anthropologists.

The grand prize of last year’s oldest item was awarded to a can of baby formula that expired in 1980. This year’s food bank volunteers uncovered two cans of ancient Campbell’s Soup: a chicken with rice which expired in 1995 and the other, a chicken noodle, in 1997. It’s a shame to waste any food, but it may comfort you to know that the Salvation Army accepts donations of lightly expired foods and the BU food bank will be sending a few boxes their way.