Radiation Technologists’ Awareness Week

If you’ve ever broken or fractured a bone, you’ve likely completed a CT scan to assess the damage, and perhaps unknowingly sought the service of one of Canada’s least acknowledged group of individuals within the medical field. From November 4 to 10, the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) is proud to present their annual awareness week. A celebration of the vital role of medical radiation technologists (MRT’s) in the healthcare system, these professionals are encouraged to engage the community in the awareness of the often unrecognized importance of their work. Through this year’s theme, The Very Image of Care, they hope to raise awareness in colleagues, patients and the community in the hopes of generating a greater appreciation for MRT’s, fostering pride within the hard working individuals in the healthcare field, and lifting the hazy misconceptions surrounding their work.

According to a poll commissioned by the CAMRT in 2010, over one quarter of Canadians surveyed stated they underwent a medical imaging procedure or radiation therapy to combat cancer, among other diseases, in the past six months. Shockingly, only a small fraction could identify the titles of the group of health care providers that provided the service. Many Canadians falsely assume that MRT’s are nurses, doctors and lab technicians, and have little knowledge of the roles of MRT’s within the health care system.

In the rapidly changing and advancing technological environment today, the four branches of the CAMRT (radiological technology, magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy) possess the leading edge on health care practices and an esteemed position in medical imaging and radiation therapies. Twelve thousand strong, the association creates and administers national certification examinations that set the standards for individuals wishing to enter into the field, providing passage to only professionals capable of delivering quality patient care. In turn, MRT’s play a crucial role in medical imaging and therapeutic and radiation-related treatment services at hospitals, medical laboratories, clinics, and private practices located across Canada and encourage patients to grow and benefit fully from the latest medical diagnostic and treatment technologies on the market. By embracing their core values, including “accountability, adaptability, transparency and excellence in the conduct of [the healthcare system’s] affairs….trust, fairness, and integrity in the relations among members, staff and with stakeholders,” CAMRT continues to remain international frontrunners within the field and provide quality patient care across the country.

For more information on CAMRT or the awareness week, visit www.camrt.ca.