Idle No More/Police Incident a Hoax

Brandon Police Service

Rumors began circulating last week about an aboriginal man who was allegedly taken by Brandon City Police, driven to the outskirts of the city, and left to walk back with no reason. Days after news of the incident surfaced on social media sites, the victim admitted it was all a lie.

The story claimed the following: abducted by Brandon Police after having left a house party on the weekend, then driven to Brandon Airport, 20-year-old Jay Moosetail was forced to walk in frigiBrandon Police Serviced temperatures back to the city after officers stole his winter coat and sweater. On social media sites, including Facebook, the officers present were accused of uttering racist obscenities while making reference to the “Idle No More” movement. As a result, the RCMP was called in to investigate the BPS.

Moosetail came forward about his false Facebook message, and the post has since been removed. “I am really sorry I made that up,” Moosetail said. “It never happened. I was just mad because of the way they treated me.” Moosetail said he was stopped by police while walking home from a weekend party, searched, and called “a dirty Indian.”

Constable Ron Burgess, a spokesman for the Brandon Police Service, said a formal complaint from the victim was never received. Regardless, Moosetail’s accusations are being taken seriously and a formal outside investigation by the RCMP is underway.

Republished from The Quill print edition, Volume 103, Issue 18, January 22, 2013.