Reel Brew (sham)rocks The Dock

Reel Brew’s Tim Stackhouse (left), Matthew Zimmerman (back), and Maria Cherwick (right) at The Dock on Princess on March 16, 2013. (Holly Kalyniuk / The Quill)

With nothing more than a fiddle, a guitar, a bodhran, and their voices (and $5 premium beer on special), Reel Brew helped bring in St. Patrick’s Day at The Dock on Princess this past weekend. Hitting the stage at 9:00 pm on Friday and returning at the same time on Saturday, the Brandon group maintained good spirits throughout, filling tables and keeping guests eagerly waiting to get in all night.

Playing everything from Johnny Cash to Irish classics, Reel Brew’s Tim Stackhouse, Matthew Zimmerman and Maria Cherwick had people on their feet and everyone in the pub clapping to the beat long after their hands were red and raw.

“Reel Brew played an outstanding show last night!” said The Dock on Princess on their Facebook page. Reel Brew also posted, “Nothing like stopping a tune midway to ring in Paddy’s Day! Thanks Brandon!”

Energetic and festive, Reel Brew played a strong opening gig for The Dock, which hadn’t previously hosted a live band, leaving fans and pub-goers eager for more Reel Brew and more live entertainment in the future.