Victoria Ave. the worst road in Manitoba

Driven down Victoria Avenue lately? First, you’re a brave soul. Second, congratulations on manoeuvering the worst road in Manitoba…seriously.

The Canadian Automobile Association’s Manitoba branch is urging drivers, frustrated or otherwise, to vote online for the worst roads in the province. Among the top ten worst roads in Manitoba this year are seven in Winnipeg, including last year’s champ St. James Street, and Winkler’s 1st Street – and our very own Victoria Avenue leads the way thus far.

“It’s not just crumbling curbs and ankle-deep potholes that we want people to vote on,” said Mike Mager, the president and CEO of CAA Manitoba. “We also want to hear what people think about the roads with extreme traffic congestion, missing signage or generally unsafe conditions. Anything that disrupts your commute to and from work whether it be by car, bus, bike or foot, we want to hear from you.” (Brandon Sun)

The campaign seeks to gather the opinion of the public (or provides you with an avenue through which to channel your aggregated irritation) about the condition of Manitoban roads in order to advise government, said CAA officials.

“It’s the government’s job to listen to what the people have to say, especially about the state of our roads since we all use them every day,” Mager said. “In four weeks when voting closes, we’ll provide the top 10 Worst Roads results to all levels of government in hopes they focus their improvement plans where it’s needed most.” (Brandon Sun)

Last year, when the competition first premiered, nearly 3,500 votes were cast for over 400 Manitoban roads deemed less than satisfactory. Since St. James Street received the title last year, the city of Winnipeg has announced plans to improve the road.

Other roads causing concerns for Westman residents include Manitoba highway #10 in Boissevain, ranked seventh as of writing, and King Street in Virden.

As incentive for voters, participants’ names are entered to win weekly prize draws and a Grand Prize draw, which include prizes like free gas and a car maintenance package.