Cafeteria Love?

Brandon University’s new and improved cafeteria. (Holly Kalyniuk / The Quill)

Who hated the university cafeteria? Well, it might be time to change your stance on the matter.

The Brandon University Cafeteria has recently undergone renovations in order to make the premises more “hip” and the menu healthier. For students in residence, the aforementioned changes will have an enormous impact, especially considering the recent cutbacks in operating hours and food card spending privileges at the Students’ Union Drinking Spot (SUDS).

Here’s what others had to say about the new caf:

“It’s really bright in here!” – Courtney

“Yeah, [the cafeteria] seems a little nicer.” –Brett (resident)

“So does it look less like a prison cafeteria?” –Jess (former resident)

“The art and the couches are really nice.” –Jakub

“I’ve literally only eaten there twice since I’ve started [university], and I’m on my third year. …It’s just like if the science building was updated. Good for them, but I rarely go there.” –Anonymous

“It’s really big and airy, and feels a lot more welcoming. The windows make it so much better.” –Blair

“As long as the food is still edible and has a sprinkle of healthiness, I’m game.” –Josh Hildebrandt

Maybe the new cafeteria, complete with a revamped lunch menu, is something you’d like! Take a trip down and find out!